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SOKO TIM 021 is private company that is producing plastic items and service -maintenance for clients.

About company

SOKO TIM was founded in 1991, in Niška Banja, and in 1998 moves its location to Novi Sad. SOKO TIM produces items from injected and blow-molded plastics of complex geometry and it is specialized for service – maintenance for clients.


SOKO TIM 021 is producing blow-molded packaging volume from 100 ml up to 20 l. This type of packaging is used in chemical industry, oil industry, car industry, construction business, home care industry, etc. Along with plastic packaging SOKO TIM 021 is also producing plastic items for use in construction, children toys and other purposes.

Design and production

SOKO TIM 021 is providing services of bottle design and making of a model. To achieve such form of cooperation we hired professional and qualified staff, provide suitable producing equipment for making blown-molded packaging, tools, top technology and objects that provide appropriate work environment conditions by standards.

Managing system

SOKO TIM 021 is applying and constantly upgrading managing system, in accordance with requirements of standards SRPS ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS. The conquest of new markets by quality of our products and services with reputation gained on the market is our primary goal.
Integrated management system policy

Main moto of all employees is “Be better than the competition”, which is accomplished by topquality of plastic products and high level of professionalism.

Milorad Radenković, Soko Tim 021 CEO

Our team

Our management regularly review policy and manages to accomplish moto and basic principal policy of integrated system management.

Our business

Soko tim 021 DOO is private company, manufacturer who produces items made of plastic and maintaining services for clients.

Ecological model

Compliance with environmental principles, reducing emissions to air, water and land, while reducing waste and its proper disposal.

Conquering the market

The conquest of new markets and preserving the old, the quality of its products and services, building a reputation on the market and developing long-term partnerships.

Working obligations

Quality execution of working duties encouraged by regular training of employees in the profession, environmental protection and health and safety at work.

Safe working environment

Preventing accidents at work, creating a safe working environment, with the use of safe work equipment, the use of prescribed means of personal protection at work and a strict ban on the use of alcohol and narcotics.


Product quality significantly depends on the input components, which SOKO TIM 021 pays special attention to the careful selection of suppliers with which it has achieved a stable partnership.

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